June 3, 2011

In a bright loft apartment in DUMBO (Brooklyn) I built two cabinets in a combination of walnut veneer and white painted plywood. For the living room I designed a media cabinet that holds books, a flat TV screen and a variety of stereo components, including large speakers.

The cabinet, almost 9 feet tall and over 7 feet wide, frames a large flat TV screen, mounted on a removable back panel. Selecting the wood and choosing how to lay the veneers is part of the attractiveness of using walnut in this unit.

The upper doors have extension arms that hold them open at 90 degrees. The lower cabinets accommodate  the audio equipment in pull out trays. The speakers are hidden behind doors lined with speaker fabric. All the equipment can be connected and disconnected easily. Additionally we have created gaps and cut outs for the wires to efficiently run through the cabinet.

For the master bedroom I designed a large dresser, bookended on the right side by a tall, mirrored shoe and bag closet.  The most visible and appreciated portion of a cabinet is its face (doors, drawer fronts) so we make them in the nice, expensive wood. The cabinets (boxes behind the faces) are built in regular plywood painted white.

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