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I have been designing and fabricating custom furniture and modular systems from my wood shop in Brooklyn for more than 20 years. Best known for my work in children’s furniture, I have an extensive catalogue of children’s beds, desks, storage units and custom room designs available through my company, Casa Kids.

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As a designer and former architect, my expertise also extends into home offices, renovations, custom solutions and highly engineered designs, like my new Tuck Bed, which reflect my sensitivity toward daily life in urban settings.

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All of my furniture is built in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood by a team of woodworkers that has been with me for years. We use traditional hand woodworking techniques, in addition to a CNC router that allows us to maximize precision and consistency in our cuts.

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One of the inspirations for my work over the years has been those hyper utilitarian tools used in construction. I have always appreciated the truth and lack of pretension in objects that are made, rather than designed. Saw horses, scaffolding and temporary enclosures are constructed to serve a purpose in the most efficient way. This sensibility has manifested itself in my children’s furniture, as well as other designs. Visit my websites, Casa Kids and Casa Collection, for more.

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