May 17, 2013

I converted a loft space into a hybrid home office/playroom in this Tribeca apartment.

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My team and I gave the space dual functionality by installing a desk in an existing recessed niche so that it becomes a home office, yet leaves plenty of floor space for the three children who live here to play.  Above the desk, we installed cabinets with sleek sliding doors. White accents complement the natural birch finish used throughout the remainder of the space. 

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I built an extensive bench and storage system along the room’s longest wall, creating an enormous amount of storage space, intended for toys in this case, while maintaining the sleekness of the loft. The benches extend into the living room, creating cohesion and flow within the space.

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Below the benches, cabinets and toy carts allow the kids to wheel their toys in and out for easy access and quick clean-ups.

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Along the walls adjacent to the desk, extensive cabinets and shelves are designed to rest flush with the room’s existing features.

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