October 23, 2010

A space saving solution scaled for children.

This week I completed and installed the furniture for two girls who share a room in a beautiful Fifth avenue apartment in the Upper East side of Manhattan. I designed a crib on wheels that rolls out from under the bunk bed. In the future, once the baby grows, the crib will be replaced by a twin bed.

The curved ladder has been ergonomically designed for the older sister to go up and down easily. She can grab herself from the vertical supports of the ladder and as she goes up use the circle cut outs as handrails. At the foot of the bed there is a closet with double hanging, a dresser with four drawers and two open shelves.

Under the bed and next to the crib there are 4′ – 4″ tallĀ  bookshelves and a space where children can sit and read or play.

Kids enjoy having spaces designed for their scale and activities. It brings them pride and a sense of belonging as they understand and appreciate that the furniture was created exclusively for them.

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