May 27, 2010

This was one of the most asked questions at the BKLYN DESIGNS show. We exhibited at the St. Anne’s warehouse the weekend of the 10th and the scaled models we displayed attracted a lot of attention both from adults and kids as well.

The short answer is no, this is not doll furniture but the truth is so many requests sparked my curiosity and we may end up doing some modern doll furniture. The scaled models are 1/3 of the size and they are built almost exactly like the real furniture, using the same materials and finishes.

It turned out to be an excellent way of showing many designs in a small booth. We had in display only one real size loft bed and it was surprising to see how easily people would switch from scaled model to real thing when comparing the virtues of one design over another.

By using scaled models we were able to save not only display space but also in plywood and labor costs. Can this be considered “green exhibiting”? Every designer nowadays wants to be “green” and all sorts of claims are made to that respect. I have of course my own claims to be green, starting by designing durable furniture that will not need recycling any time soon.

For more information on our loft beds please email me at rg@casakids.com

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