July 18, 2011

Twin girls get twin desks. In a Greenwich Village home I designed and constructed two identical desks for 5 year old twin sisters. Their bedroom doors face each other and are connected by a hallway. The girls can see each other from their desks but still have the privacy of their own rooms. Twins are said to enjoy a special connection so maintaining this symmetry was a quality I aimed to preserve.

The desk top includes three long pencil drawers. In addition, three magnetic boards are attached to the back wall of each desk, just above the counter top

The desks are made with birch plywood and assembled with screws that are visible on the sides of the bookshelves. This project is designed like a Meccano toy or an Erector Set, whereby the assembly is executed by screwing together already-finished components. No glue was used in this project, all the joinery is mechanical.

We’ve also created taller shelves for books and shorter shelves which are perfect for collections of small objects.┬áHanging the desk from the wall is a way of streamlining the cabinet’s profile and creating both a smaller footprint and a lighter feel.

For smaller spaces and younger children, a compact version is available. This one has adjustable height.

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