February 20, 2011

Inspired by Donald Judd and Jean Prouve…

I recently completed several bookcases that were designed as stacked plywood boxes. The boxes in themselves are all finished in natural birch plywood, while the rest of the pieces are mostly painted in colors.

The lower cabinets are deeper, heavier and have recessed feet. The upper cabinets are thinner and have angled supports that provide extra stability to the transition. Designing boxes is all about the details.

These long boxes are connected to each other by vertical pieces that are recessed from the edges of the cabinet. This design detailĀ  provides a certain “floating” quality as it accentuates the lightness and the horizontal character of the piece. It also makes it easier for fabrication, transport and final assembly.

These projects were inspired by the sculpture of Donald Judd and the industrially produced furniture of Jean Prouve. Judd created beautiful, minimal boxes. Prouve did colorful bookshelves with staggered vertical partitions and overhanging shelves. My love for Mondrian is also present in these designs.

We design and build these pieces to order and it takes about 10 weeks to produce. Sizes and colors are customizable. Prices start at $2500 for a 60″ long cabinet. For more info please email

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