March 10, 2011

I recently completed a room for two brothers, 9 and 13 years old in a Tribeca loft. The room is small so we had no choice than to partially block the window with the bunk beds. Still, the “L” shaped configuration of the bed opens up the space and creates a more airy feeling.

The dresser hides the air conditioner but is on wheels so it can be moved out when the building services the system. The lower bed has two large drawers. The upper bed is extra long and has a headboard with a small bookshelf for a book, a glass of water and a lamp.

As you enter the room, on the left side wall there is a hanging bookcase with a flip down desk.

The boys are very athletic and in such a small room a ladder would have sufficed. But stairs were a requirement because Chino, the loyal family dog needs to go up to the top bunk bed at his own will. And he deserves it.

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