March 10, 2012

Most New York apartments come with these huge and ugly air conditioning units under the windows. If you are renovating your place, you probably want to build cabinets around them improving the esthetics and adding storage in otherwise unused corners.

The countertop has a cut out for a new grill. The grill has an access panel so you can reach the controls.

This cabinet was lacquered and the counter top was made of Corian, a very hard material that will not get ruined by the sun or water.

The panel that covers the front of the radiator has to be removable for service access.

At either side of the unit, cabinets with doors are installed. Depending on the room they can be used to store anything from silverware, place matts, toys or clothes.

The cabinet can also have a pull down hamper. These cabinets are made to size and tightly fitted in the space.

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