May 17, 2013

This winter I flew my 25-year-old son, Juan Lopez Gil, in from his home in Buenos Aires to work on a photography project with me. For a period of three weeks, we trekked all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, photographing Casa Kids’ completed custom room projects, as well as my furniture and wood shop in Red Hook.
aa IMG_2794

My son, a burgeoning photographer who specializes in products and interiors, was able to take high-quality photographs using very basic equipment.

Juan shooting 2

Juan exhibited a professional eye for camera positioning, staging and lighting, getting me some fantastic material to add to my catalogue of imagery.

Juan shooting 4

Over the course of the three weeks, he photographed more than 20 rooms. We intend to eventually develop a photography book together.

Juan shooting 6

RG at office

aa IMG_2839

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