January 6, 2012

Our CNC router (computerized numerically controlled) cuts the plywood in an effortless pass, leaving very smooth edges that require less sanding than the usual. I chose the Techno CNC because they are made in the USA and the company is based just outside the city.

It is incredibly precise and fast when you compare it with traditional methods, particularly when cutting curved or intricate shapes.

The router table is designed for sheets of material measuring 48″ x 96″. It cuts plywood, MDF and acrylic. It’s automatic tool changer will grab the indicated router bit from the tool holders which sit along the side of the table.

A powerful pump creates a vacuum under the table surface. This negative pressure, evenly distributed along the table, sucks down flat and tight the pieces of plywood against it.

The computerized router increases productivity and precision providing a clean and perfectly consistent cut.

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