August 14, 2011

When that special visitor is in town. A twin bunk bed over a full sized bed has several benefits when compared with a regular, twin-over-twin bunk bed. You can lie down and read a book with your child or you can pull out the trundle below it for your son or daughter and let your mother-in-law sleep in the larger, more comfortable full bed.

But most days your child will enjoy a larger bed that becomes the focal point of the room as it also functions as a daybed. A large bed is more conducive to sharing moments with parents or siblings and read or watch a movie together. The trundle bed also gives children more flexibility for sleep overs.

The stairs can also be used as storage space when drawers are added to them. But more importantly they are well designed steps that are very safe and very easy to climb up and down. The round port holes are strategically placed so that kids can use them as hand rails.

In this similar design, all in natural birch, the bookshelves flank the stairs on the left end of the bed. The custom bookshelves have round poles that also act as handrails. The steps have drawers that are 22 inches deep. The whole bed is 9 feet long by 5 feet and 8 inches.

These types of beds take up more space and are more expensive than regular bunk beds but they offer added features that solve spatial challenges with a pleasing design. For best use of this unit I recommend a minimum room size of 120 square feet. For more information or to obtain a quote please email me at rg@casakids.com

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