January 22, 2011

I recently completed a child’s room in a brand new apartment in Brooklyn. The room is quite small so we decided to raise the bed and create a play area under it. The loft bed sits on the window sill to gain a few precious inches in the length of the room.

The steps have drawers under them and a small closet right at the base provides hanging and shelf space for the child’s clothes.



We created the fourth wall of the bedroom with cabinetry and a set of bi fold doors with translucent acrylic panels above.

A small room


We didn’t use sheetrock and it was a very clean and expeditious installation. Most pieces were pre assembled in the shop and it took just over a day to complete the installation. In the future, if the client decides to move, the cabinetry can be easily disassembled and re used in a different space.

The detachable night table hangs from the side of the bed and keeps a glass of water close to the hand. Penelope really likes her room and she enjoys going up and down the steps safely. The loft beds we do are not only are space saving solutions but also transform the space in a way that children relate to. Children enjoy spaces and furniture that has been designed for them and for their size. By the way, her mother can perfectly and safely snug with her daughter in this sturdy bed. I always make sure that our beds will hold kids and parents alike.

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