March 11, 2010

I recently completed three display cabinets for an exquisite and unique lingerie store in  downtown NYC, at University Place called La Petite Coquette. They carry very upscale merchandise and cater to a hip, affluent and edgy clientele, models and celebrities included.


The owner of the store, Rebecca Apsen, wanted something very sexy and functional at the same time and she insisted: “use curves!”. The profile of the display units which are over seven feet tall, have a curvaceous contour, loosely inspired by the shapes of the  female body.

These units serve for display and for storage of lingerie. They have drawers at the bottom, hanging rods and also shelves. It was very important to provide flexibility in their use so I did three separate cabinets with hidden wheels that can be moved around the store and used together or separately.

For the color scheme, well, you can’t go wrong with pink. The yellow drawer fronts eventually will be decorated with hand painted details, same for the sides of the cabinets. It was clear from the beginning that I was creating a basic “shell” that will later be “decorated” by someone else, an artist perhaps.

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